The Yale Record

Founded September 11th, 1872, The Yale Record is America's oldest college humor magazine. Home to humorous writing, illustration, and verse, The Yale Record gained wide circulation outside New Haven by the turn of the century. Throughout the twentieth century, The Record published art and writing from some of America's greatest talents including Peter Arno, William Hamilton, Jim Stevenson, Stephen Vincent Benét, Hillary Waugh, Gary Clarke, Courtland D.B. Bryan, Bob Grossman and Garry Trudeau.

Today, The Record publishes monthly on Yale's campus, and can be read online at

The Yale Record Corporation

The Yale Record Corporation is a 501(c)3 founded in 1979. The corporation serves to protect The Yale Record name and intellectual property, maintain an endowment, organize events for alumni, provide support for the student organization, and encourage humorous writing and art at Yale. The Corporation hosts numerous events throughout the year in New York and New Haven such as, dinners, lectures, and informal alumni gatherings.

The Yale Record Corporation is governed by a Board of Directors comprised of alumni. All directors are volunteers, donating their time to the continued success of The Record and the over 500 Old Owls around the world.