Board Elections

Last July The Yale Record Corporation elected a new board of directors. The board meets quarterly, with committees, such as Alumni Relations, Fundraising, Continuity, and Bylaws, meeting as needed. If you are interested in joining a committee (need not be a director) or would like to be involved in any other way, please email

The Board of Directors:
Michael Thornton, '09,
Vice President
Adrian Bonenberger, '02,
Dyer "Waddy" Wadsworth, '59,
Tho Dinh, '05
Assistant Secretary
Ilya Kushnirsky, '00
Hysterical Archivist
Don Watson, '59,

Adam Bildersee, '09,
Robert Schlaff, '99,
David Jeffery, '60,
Melissa Chiasson, '11,
Mitchell Nobel, '13,

Directors Emeriti

Michael Gerber, '91, President Emeritus,
Barry Bryan, '52
Frank Wilton, '52
Henry B. Michael, '93

Patrick Castillo, '92